Wednesday Nov 25


ISSA is the ISiM Student Association. It is the vox populi of the students of ISiM.

ISSA is the primary vehicle for coordinating and managing student activities and initiatives, both academic and extracurricular. It represents all students' interests to the ISiM administration and provides inputs to enrich the curriculum. The ISSA members are elected from the students of both years.

Headed by the Secretary, ISSA is a 7 member student committee.


1Secretary                (Class 11)     : Rohith. T D

2Joint Secretary        (Class 11)     : Vighnesh N V

3Treasurer               (Class 11)     : Ahkshaey Ravi

4Coordinator            (Class 11)     : Ashish Ray

5Coordinator           (Class 11)     : Samatha. K P

6Coordinator           (Class 11)     : Saurabh Dey


Image: Bas-relief on the Fourth Street side of the St Paul City Hall.

The figure, symbolizing liberty, holds an open book inscribed VOX POPULI and JUS CIVILE to reflect traditional government ideals.